Leadership & Staff

Joseph Maguire

Executive Director

Paul Edgar

Associate Director

Nick Acevedo

Events Program Assistant

Vincent K. Brooks 

Distinguished National Security Fellow

Emily Burch

Administrative Program Coordinator for Student Programs

Jennifer Carter

Assistant Director

Derick Carver

Program Coordinator, America in World Consortium

Brett Cook

Outreach Assistant for Military Programs

Drayton Cullen

Program Manager, America in the World Consortium

Elizabeth Doughtie

Senior Manager for Events, Communications and Development

Ryan Evans

Publisher, Texas National Security Review

Alexandra Foggett

Senior Program Manager for Student and Military Programs

Sheena Chestnut Greitens

Founding Director, Asia Policy Program

Amber Howard

Student Programs Manager

Marshall Kosloff

National Security Media and Journalism Fellow

Jeannie Leavitt

Distinguished National Security Fellow

Michele Malvesti

Senior National Security Fellow

Robert Neller

Distinguished National Security Fellow

Kim-Anh Nguyen

Senior Research Program Manager, Intelligence Studies Project

Aaron O’Connell

Director of Research

Mark Pomar

Senior National Security Fellow

J. Paul Pope

Senior Fellow, Intelligence Studies Project

Mara Sherry

Events Coordinator

Steve Slick

Director of the Intelligence Studies Project

Daniel Stewart

Diplomat in Residence - Texas

Sarah Vail

Communications Coordinator