Support the Clements Center

Honoring the legacy of former Texas Governor and Deputy Secretary of Defense, the William P. Clements Jr. Center for National Security trains leaders in the history of national security and diplomacy. The Clements Center offers courses and study abroad opportunities for both undergraduates and graduate students; provides research grants and fellowships for promising young scholars, as well as distinguished faculty members; and sponsors research, lectures, and forums on history and statecraft.


General Needs

The Center has many day-to-day needs and the best way to secure its future is through an endowment. Contributions to the endowment support operating costs, research funding and scholarships for students and much more.


Specific Programs and Initiatives

Sponsorship of Clements Center programs and initiatives will support the Center to reach each of its four primary constituencies: students, scholars, policy professional and citizens. Your contribution may help fund a doctoral scholar, the Clements Center's annual history and statecraft lecture, or the London Maymester program for exemplary UT undergraduate students.