Nick Acevedo

  • Events Program Assistant

Nick Acevedo serves as an Events Program Assistant to the Clements Center events staff, aiding in the logistics of coordinating, facilitating, and promoting speaker events and conferences. As a Senior Undergraduate Fellow from Austin, TX, he studies International Relations & Global Studies and Government, with a minor in Italian Studies. His academic journey at UT has been significantly shaped by a deep interest in international security, intelligence, and diplomatic relations. Nick has engaged extensively in activities on campus that foster understanding of global political dynamics, including leading Model United Nations committees, participating in the International Relations & Global Studies Council, and attending various Clements Center and Strauss events to gain insights from experts as a Fellow and Brumley Undergraduate Scholar. His studies abroad in Rome and Sicily further enriched his understanding of cultural and socioeconomic divisions and their broader impacts on security policy, with a focus on Italian language and dialects. Outside of class, Nick enjoys fostering community, whether as an amateur photographer, as Chairman of Texas Blazers, or simply as a friend to those he meets.