Clements Center
Clements Center

Student Professional Development Fund

The Clements Center awards funds to undergraduate and graduate students who secure unpaid internships in the fields of national security and foreign policy. Awards will be granted to those students whose work best reflects the mission and goals of the Clements Center. Past recipients have interned with the US Department of State, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the United Nations, the Institute for the Study of War, and the American Enterprise Institute. 

Click on the links below to read about past summer policy internships:

Summer 2020:
Jada Fraser
Brianna Kablack
Michael Kiel
Jonah Isaac

Summer 2019: 
Sparkle Dennis
Claire Huitt
Jade Monk
Elisa Santana
Erienne Terpak
Chris Zimmer

Summer 2018: 
Jared LeBrun
Anastasia Bradatan
Claire Huitt
MacKenna Shull
Chad Chapman
Amanda Long

Summer 2017: 
Caitlyn Yates
Ryan Williams
Nali Shah
Niki Rey

Summer 2016
Zhelun Chen
Mary Vo
Sam Karnes
Alexandra Shishkova
Annika Rettstadt
Adam Crawford
Trey Curran 
Sarah Fischer
Dan Hamilton
Daniel Jimenez

Summer 2015
Caitlin Goodrich
Jennifer Johnson

Summer 2014
Jacqueline Homann
Alan Leonard
Sarah Kaiser-Cross
Ashley Nelle-Davis
Jacob Thayer

Because internships in foreign and defense policy can be an essential part of professional development, the Clements Center wants to help UT students in identifying and pursuing internship opportunities. We have created a database containing information on a broad range of internships in foreign and defense policy. UT students are encouraged to use this in researching and applying for internships. 

Click here for access to the internship database. 

If you are interested in applying for internship funding for the fall and spring semesters on a rolling basis, please submit a resume, cover letter and estimated budget to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

**The Clements Center does not award funding to cover lost wages during remote or virtual internships and only under exceptional circumstances will we consider funding virtual internships. To be considered for funding for remote internships, students must demonstrate tangible financial impact that results from the virtual internship.**

Apply now for in-person internship funding, applications rolling through early June 1, 2021: