Kyle Balzer

  • Jeane Kirkpatrick Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
  • Class of 2022–2023

Kyle Balzer is a Jeane Kirkpatrick Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he focuses on great-power competition, US grand strategy, long-term strategic competition, US nuclear strategy and policy, and arms control.

Kyle was a 2022–2023 America in the World Consortium Postdoctoral Fellow at the Clements Center after he received his Ph.D. in History from Ohio University.  His dissertation, “The Revivalists: James R. Schlesinger, the Nuclear Warfighting Strategists, and Competitive Strategies for Great-Power Rivalry,” explores the development of limited nuclear options and diagnostic net assessment.  He argues that warfighting strategies, enhanced by competitive approaches to arms control, reinforced deterrence and strengthened the overall Western position in the late Cold War period.

Kyle, who received his M.A. in history from Northern Illinois University, was also a student at Ohio University’s Contemporary History Institute.  His research interests include great-power rivalry, competitive strategies, and the maturation of diagnostic net assessment during the Cold War.