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Clements summer policy intern
Jacob Thayer at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters

Sep 25, 2014

I interned at U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and worked specifically on the Strategic Management Directorate's futures scenario planning project called Evergreen.

Much of my time was spent researching current trends and collaborating with the Evergreen Core Team to piece together my research to create a more global picture. I coordinated interviews with outside experts and attended events to gather information for Evergreen experts (including at least one from UT). Some of the most challenging aspects of my internship were obtaining information from the various offices around Headquarters and ascertaining the best way to continue my graduate research on the project.

I really enjoyed getting to know and work with the Evergreen researchers and other Coast Guard senior officials. One of my long term goals is to join the legal department and while I was in D.C. I had the opportunity to meet all of the top attorneys in the Coast Guard who provided valuable advice for my future career plans. I am a sucker for the pomp and circumstance that comes with many ceremonies hosted at Headquarters and in D.C. so I couldn't have asked for anything more in a summer internship. 

Picture: Jacob Thayer with the Coast Guard's Commandant at the Coast Guard Auxiliary's 75th Anniversary.

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