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Will Inboden analyzes President Trump and Kim Jong Un's Summit in The Hill

William Inboden Jun 13, 2018

In The Hill's "From Singapore, Skepticism and Hope," Clements Center Executive Director Will Inboden compares yesterday's summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to Madeline Albright's summit with Kim Jong Il in 2000. 

One significant difference, Inboden points out, is that "President Trump made a bigger concession to North Korea than any the Clinton administration made in 2000" by agreeing to cease the joint U.S.-Republic of Korea military exercises, which has both symbolic and strategic consequences.  Two silver linings from the Summit, Inboden points out, are that the threat of war has diminished, and "for the first time in their lives, millions of North Korean citizens saw pictures of what a modern, prosperous, peaceful nation looks like." 


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