The Long Struggle between Fascism and Human Rights in Latin America

Thomas J. Freaney, Jr. Professor of History; Director of Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy, Temple University


Alan McPherson

Thursday, January 30, 2020  |  12:15 - 1:45 pm  |  RLP 1.302B, Patton Hall


Alan McPherson is Thomas J. Freaney, Jr. Professor of History and Director of Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy at Temple University. Ghosts of Sheridan Circle is the eleventh of his books, which also include the prize-winning Yankee No! Anti-Americanism in U.S.-Latin American Relations and The Invaded: How Latin Americans and their Allies Fought and Ended U.S. Occupations

Alan McPherson specializes in the history of U.S.-Latin American relations but teaches broadly in U.S. foreign relations and global history. He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2001 after receiving an M.A. in history from San Francisco State University (1996) and a B.A. in history and economics from the Université de Montréal (1994). Before coming to Temple, he also taught at the University of Oklahoma (2008-2017) and Howard University (2001-2008). He has published eleven books and dozens of articles and chapters and has been a fellow at Harvard University and twice a Fulbright Fellow.