Introducing the Texas National Security Review

Oct 25, 2017

"The Texas National Security Review is a new kind of journal committed to excellence, scholarly rigor, and big ideas."

We're excited to announce the Texas National Security Review, a quarterly academic journal which launched on October 24th as a joint partnership between War on the Rocks and the Texas National Security Network. 

In 2015, under the leadership of UT System Chancellor Bill McRaven, the Texas National Security Network was created “to make the University of Texas System the leading university system in the world for teaching and research on national security.” Co-directed by the Clements Center and Strauss Center, the Texas National Security Network brings together a System-wide alliance of centers, departments, programs, and institutes in the fields of national security, intelligence, biosecurity, cybersecurity, border security, and more. 

One of the cornerstone projects of the Network is the creation of the Texas National Security Review, which is spearheaded by War on the Rocks, a leading media outlet for national security and foreign policy analysis. The aim of the Review is to have it's articles "end up on university syllabi and the desks of decision-makers, and to be cited as the foundational research and analysis on world affairs." The Review will feature scholarly, peer-reviewed articles that are "available online, for free, for everyone."

CC Executive Director Will Inboden serves as the Review's Editor-in-Chief and CC Associate Director Paul D. Miller serves on the Editorial Board. 

Further info about the Texas National Security Review and access to its latest content can be found here