Grants in History, Strategy, and Statecraft for Graduate Students

The Clements Center provides research funding for UT scholars and students. Funding is available on a competitive basis to support the research and publication of articles and books. Past sponsorship has included research trips to presidential libraries and support for paper presentations at academic conferences. This program is offered throughout the academic year.

Strong preference will be given to proposals from students who have demonstrated involvement with the Clements Center, such as through regular attendance at Clements Center events, participation in the Graduate Fellows program, and/or enrollment in the Portfolio in Security Studies.

Application Instructions

Email the following to Emily Burch at [email protected]:

  • C.V.
  • A two-page description of proposed research that describes the following:
    • What is your research question?
    • Why is your research important and relevant to scholars and policymakers today?
    • How does your research use and build on existing scholarly work?
    • How does the research you intend to pursue on a Clements Fellowship contribute to your goals as a graduate student or professor?
    • Will your research contribute to a specific scholarly product? (e.g., a peer-reviewed article; dissertation; book chapter; book; paper presentation at conference; etc.)
    • What is the proposed timeline of your research?
  • Proposed budget
    • Please itemize your budget (show how much you are requesting for separate items, like travel, lodging, reproduction costs, etc.)
    • Have you requested or received funding from the Clements Center before? If so, please describe.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.