National Security and International Business Minor

The National Security and International Business minor highlights the strong and enduring relationship between private business and national/international security. The goal of this National Security and International Business Minor is to educate students to appreciate that the health of each domain is predicated on the strength of the other. Cyberattacks on U.S. government agencies, health researchers, and election apparatus, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mainland and U.S. facilities and personnel abroad, and nuclear ambitions of foreign governments are just examples of how foreign forces that threaten U.S. national security also damage U.S. business activity, domestically and internationally.

The primary intent of this minor is to foster in students who are entering the private business sector a lifelong appreciation for the intertwined relationship between the worlds of private business, especially international business, and the national security sector, enabling our graduates to make more informed and more confident business and political decisions in the decades to come.

Required Courses: students must complete the following courses:

  • GOV 360D / IB 360D – International Security
  • BGS 374 – Global Political Economy
  • IB 350 – International Trade
  • IB 368 – Global Value Chains

Elective Courses: three hours of upper-division coursework selected from any of the following

  • HIS 365G – Topics in United States History (Topic 15: United States Military History)
  • HIS 376F – The United States and the Second World War
  • LA 325/PA 325Intelligence and National Security Decision-Making
  • EUS 348 / GOV 365V – The Comprehensive Notion of European Security
  • HIS 365G – Topics in United States History (Topic 22: The United States, Britain, and Global Order)
  • TC 358 (Topic: Intelligence and Statecraft)

Internship Credit – students may substitute an approved internship in lieu of IB 350, IB 368, or the elective course. This credit must be earned on a pre-approved national security internship of at least five weeks in length.