Wisdom without tears: Statecraft and the uses of history

In a recent article in the Journal of Strategic Studies, CC Executive Director Will Inboden and Johns Hopkins SAIS Professor Hal Brands argue that "the making of American statecraft...can be significantly enhanced by a better understanding of the past." 

Will Inboden & Hal Brands
January 30, 2018

Executive Director authors chapter in edited CSIS volume

Executive Director Will Inboden explores how three mid-twentieth-century presidents transformed the United States in A Global History of the Twentieth Century: Legacies and Lessons from Six National Perspectives, edited by Michael Green and Nicholas Szechenyi. 

Will Inboden
February 13, 2017

Executive Director publishes chapter for Tobin Project

Will Inboden discusses historical insights for reforming national security institutions in a book co-edited by Faculty Fellow Jeremi Suri

Will Inboden
April 11, 2016
Historical Insights on Reforming National Security Institutions