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We Are Witnessing the Elimination of Christian Communities in Iraq and Syria

Sep 06, 2017

CC Executive Director Will Inboden co-authors a Foreign Policy article with Duke Professor and CC Academic Board of Reference member Peter Feaver on "the genocide being committed against Christians in Iraq and Syria."

White House Warns Of Future Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

Jun 28, 2017

Associate Director Paul D. Miller talks with the Texas Standard about recent warnings from the Syrian government about chemical weapon attacks. 

Chemical Weapons Aren’t the Real Problem in Syria

Apr 18, 2017

In Foreign Policy, Associate Director Paul D. Miller argues against enforcing a global ban on the use of chemical weapons.

With Syria chemical attack, another Obama foreign policy deal fails hard

Apr 13, 2017

Associate Director Paul D. Miller argues in The Hill that policymakers and scholars should pay renewed attention to the 2013 agreement under President Obama whereby Syria agreed to let the UN monitor its chemical weapons. 

What Russia's Airstrikes on Syria Mean for the U.S.

Oct 02, 2015

In an interview with the Texas Standard, Clements Center Executive Director, William Inboden discusses what Russia's airstrikes on Syria mean for the United States.