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New Horns of a Dilemma Podcast: The Lessons of Tragedy: Statecraft and World Order

Mar 15, 2019

Aaron O’Connell, Associate Professor of U.S. Military History at UT-Austin, sits down with Charles Edel, Senior Fellow at the United States Studies Centre, to discuss his new book co-written with Hal Brands, The Lessons of Tragedy: Statecraft and World Order

New Horns of a Dilemma Podcast: Why Ike Matters: America and the World in the 1950s

Mar 06, 2019

William Hitchcock, the William W. Corcoran professor of history at the University of Virginia, discusses President Dwight Eisenhower and America’s role in the world in the 1950s and its enduring relevance today. 

Predoctoral Fellow Mary Elizabeth Walters accepts Assistant Professor position at Kansas State University

Mar 06, 2019

Congratulations to the Clements Center for National Security’s Predoctoral Fellow Mary Elizabeth Walters who will be joining the History Department at Kansas State University as an Assistant Professor in August, 2019. Her research examines peace operations, military culture, and civil-military relations broadly conceived. Walters is completing her dissertation on the 1999 Kosovo Refugee Crisis at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Former Postdoctoral Fellow Michael Taylor publishes “Reconstructing the Battle of Zama” in Classical Journal

Feb 25, 2019

Taylor examines the Battle of Zama in 202, which ended the Second Punic War (218 – 201) between Rome and Carthage.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Governor Clements' Inauguration

Jan 16, 2019

Today we remember the 40th anniversary of Bill Clements' historic inauguration as the 42nd Governor of Texas. On January 16, 1979, Bill Clements took the oath of office and assumed governorship over the State of Texas. During the course of his two nonconsecutive terms as governor, the former Deputy Secretary of Defense and oil company executive successfully pared down the state’s budget, improved public schools, diversified the economy, and made strides in improving Texas’ relations with Mexico. On this special anniversary, we honor his enduring legacy of leadership and public service to our state and our nation.