Will the U.S. Embassy’s Move to Jerusalem Matter?

Dec 06, 2017
Will the U.S. Embassy’s Move to Jerusalem Matter?

CC Executive Director Will Inboden explains in Foreign Policy current diplomatic trends in Israel and the wider strategic situation in the Middle East. 

Mission Inscrutable

Oct 26, 2017

CC Faculty Fellow Aaron O'Connell, who teaches military history at UT, wrote an article for Slate about U.S. military operations in Niger. 

Beyond the Buzzword: The Three Meanings of “Grand Strategy”

Oct 16, 2017

Former CC Postdoctoral Fellow Nina Silove wrote an article on grand strategy for the journal Security Studies.   

Graduate Fellow reviews two books on Pakistan for Foreign Policy

Oct 06, 2017

Graduate Fellow Diana Bolsinger reviewed two new books on Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate’s (ISI) activities. 

Executive Director interviewed for The Federalist Podcast

Sep 27, 2017

Professor Will Inboden discusses current national security threats, including terrorism, North Korea, and his research on President Ronald Reagan, with The Federalist Radio Hour Podcast.  

Clements Center scholars talk with Spectrum News about North Korea's Nuclear Program

Sep 26, 2017

CC Predoctoral Fellow Andrew Peek and CC Faculty Fellow Jeremi Suri urge diplomacy amid escalating tensions over North Korea's nuclear program.