Faculty Affiliate publishes article in Cold War History journal

Mar 21, 2018

Joshua Eisenman, Assistant Professor at the LBJ School, examines the history of the Chinese Communist Party's political outreach in Africa in his recently published article, "Comrades-in-Arms: The Chinese Communist Party’s Relations with African Political Organizations in the Mao Era, 1949-1976."

Dr. Eisenman notes that beginning in the mid-1950s, the Chinese Communist Party created front groups to administer its political outreach in Africa to oppose colonialism and US imperialism.  This strategy then evolved to combat Soviet hegemony in the 1960s and 1970s.  Dr. Eisenman argues that these policy shifts "were motivated primarily by life-or-death intraparty struggles among rival political factions in Beijing and the party’s pursuit of external sources of regime legitimacy."

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