Is Trump Changing The Presidency Or Is It Changing Him? 4 Historians Weigh In

Nov 07, 2017

In a recent NPR article and news segment, Executive Director Will Inboden and CC Faculty Affiliate H.W. Brands take a look at the current administration from the viewpoint of an historian. 

Prof. Brands, who teaches in UT's Department of History, notes that "Previous candidates who get elected are almost always sobered by the office and the responsibility they take on... [in contrast] he's the same Trump that he was when he was a candidate." 

Prof. Inboden highlights examples of when President Trump has rejected the traditional "pastor-in-chief" and "legislator-in-chief" roles of previous U.S. presidents. "I do worry that whoever his successor is, in four or eight years, will inherit a diminished office," he says. 

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