The U.S. and U.K. Have the Same Affliction: A Crisis at the Top

Jun 09, 2017

In his latest post for Foreign Policy's Elephants in the Room, Executive Director Will Inboden argues that yesterday's two political events--Former FBI Director Comey's testimony and the British General Election--represent "a transatlantic crisis of leadership." 

Historically, American and British political trends tend to mirror one another. Recent events are no exception, according to Dr. Inboden. He writes, "Trump’s political and legal woes may dominate the American headlines, but the more serious issues of Russia’s ongoing efforts to delegitimize Western democracy and its growing threat to international order have not received enough attention. May’s desperate political maneuvering may have captured British public attention, but the more serious issues of the EU’s own democracy deficit and internal dysfunction, let alone the very future of the European project, are being neglected." 

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