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Executive Director Will Inboden: By Bungling G-7, Trump Sabatoged Singapore

William Inboden Jun 11, 2018

In an op-ed for Foreign Policy yesterday, Will Inboden examined the effects President Trump's actions at the G-7 gathering in Quebec would have on the summit with Kim Jong Un, and stressed the importance of our allies.

"The United States with allies is stronger than the United States alone" Inboden put it simply. Trump's rejection of America’s allies at the G-7 summit risked undermining his effectiveness in negotiating with Kim Jong Un. Moreover, though the summit is now complete, implementation of any agreements will require the commitment and cooperation of America’s friends and allies around the world; needlessly antagonizing them in Quebec could arguably have made that task harder. Citing the former National Security Advisor (and Inboden’s former boss), Stephen Hadley, he notes, “…when public opinion in allied nations turns strongly against the United States, it constrains the political ability of their leaders to work with the United States.”


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