Munich's Lessons for the Ukraine Crisis

Mar 05, 2014
Munich's Lessons for the Ukraine Crisis

Peter Harris, Clements Center Graduate Fellow, likened the current situation in Ukraine, and Russia's intentions in the region, to the 1938 crisis when western elites tried to appease Nazi Germany in his piece in the National Interest titled "Munich's Lessons for the Ukraine Crisis."

Adjusting the War on Terror to Fit the Times

Mar 04, 2014

Clements Center National Security Fellow Celeste Ward Gventer appeared in a recent edition of the New York Times' "Room for Debate," weighing in on how the international community can minimize the risk of a terrorist resurgence in Afghanistan after the U.S. and NATO pull out all troops from the region.

The Generals: American Military Command from WWII to Today

Mar 03, 2014

On Monday, March 3, the Clements Center for History, Strategy & Statecraft and the Strauss Center for International Security and Law welcomed author Tom Ricks to give a talk on his book entitled, The Generals: American Military Command from WWII to Today.

Russian Refusal to Pay the Price for Membership in G-8

Mar 03, 2014

In an opinion piece for The New York Times, Clements Center Director William Inboden argues recent events in Ukraine prove that Russia does not respect the responsibility and requirements of G-8 membership and should not enjoy its privileges and prestige.

Director of Graduate Studies Publishes Book on The Vietnam War

Feb 28, 2014

Mark Lawrence, Clements Center Director of Graduate Studies, published The Vietnam War: An International History in Documents (Oxford University Press) on February 28, 2014.

The Seven Impossible Demands Policymakers Place on Intelligence

Feb 18, 2014

In Professor Inboden's latest Shadow Government blog post on, he discusses his recent trip to Chicago to attend a conference on security and privacy co-sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Notre Dame's International Security Program.