Postdoctoral Fellow writes in The American Interest

May 17, 2017
Postdoctoral Fellow writes in The American Interest

In his most recent article "The Problem with the 'F' Word," Postdoctoral Fellow Ian Johnson explores the history of fascism. 

The Future Foretold: Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Congressional Support for Israel

Mar 20, 2017

Former Postdoctoral Fellow Olivia Sohns published an article in Diplomacy & Statecraft about President Johnson's early congressional support for Israel. 

Cold War Archives in the Third World

Mar 14, 2017

Predoctoral Fellow Cindy Ewing joins the Wilson Center as a contributor to its History and Public Policy Program. For the Wilson Center’s newest blog, Sources and Methods, she writes about the hidden Cold War archives of the Third World.

America’s Case of ‘Tonkin Gulfitis’

Mar 07, 2017

Director of Graduate Studies Mark Lawrence writes for the New York Times about policymaker's limited ability to exert power in other parts of the world while the Vietnam War was being waged in southeast Asia. 

The Daily Texan covers Day 1 of Reagan Conference

Jan 20, 2017

UT student reporter Kayla Meyertons interviewed panelists and students about the legacy of Ronald Reagan and the benefit of conferences on presidential foreign policy. 

The Forgotten Senator, Statesmen, and Nobel Laureate Elihu Root

Nov 30, 2016

Harrington Fellow Charlie Laderman is interviewed for the Library of Congress' Kluge Center podcast.